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I'm a wave windsurfer and skateboarder based in the South West of England. I love to push my level in these sports with my friends, both in England and other countries around the world, while enjoying as many incredible experiences along the way as possible! I started this blog to feature my favorite photos and videos along with written stories, thoughts, rants and bits of knowledge I've gained from my adventures. Click on any photos to enlarge them.

Maui update, 4 weeks into the trip (posted 09th April 2011)

So it’s been a mad couple of weeks here in Maui. About 2 weeks ago we had some pretty lush float and ride days at our hidden away spot and at Kanaha, catching beautiful waves until sunset. We then had some ridiculously windy days, fully overpowered on 4.1. If you're wanting to get some good wave riding in Maui then sometimes in can be best to wait until the evening when the wind chills out a bit. There are often less people on the water later on as well. Below are a few photos.

Sequence part 1 - bad place to be with my kit about to hit me

Sequence part 2 - game over!

Super windy wave riding

Unfortunately I then managed to injure my foot which put me out of action. No windsurfing, swimming, skating or anything for me.

A few days ago my foot was starting to feel better so I got back on the water to give it a go. An hour later and my board was snapped. DOH! Fortunately Quatro checked it out and straight away gave me a brand new 1 for no charge. They’re definitely living up to their high reputation.

Unfortunately though the shiny new board hasn’t been ridden yet because we’ve had a few days of no wind. Luckily my work has agreed to give me some extra time off due to my injury wasting a few weeks of my trip, so now I’m gonna be in Maui till the 03rd May. STOKED! So with the lack of wind we've been off around the island jumping off waterfalls, swimming through caves, skateboarding the rain forest hills, finding blow holes and chillin with the turtles. There's so much to get up to in Maui. I'll try and get some more photos on here soon.

All we need now is some wind and waves. Bring it on!