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I'm a wave windsurfer and skateboarder based in the South West of England. I love to push my level in these sports with my friends, both in England and other countries around the world, while enjoying as many incredible experiences along the way as possible! I started this blog to feature my favorite photos and videos along with written stories, thoughts, rants and bits of knowledge I've gained from my adventures. Click on any photos to enlarge them.

Torn ligament on my elbow (posted 14th September 2012)

Bad times... after buckling my knee in the spring and then a summer of no real wind or waves to report on, I’ve managed to tear a ligament on my elbow! This time I’m apparently gona be out of action for at least 6 months. DOH! Major bummer, especially as I've just received my new board from Fanatic and new sails from North Sails through Puravida Boardriders. I’d also put aside the whole of October to just cruise Cornwall and Devon to catch waves, compete in the Gwithian competition and get involved at the epic Aussie Kiss student windsurf event. So lots of physio for me again, and this time it’s particularly painful!

In some ways I’m pretty lucky though. I went to the hospital half a week ago and was told by the nurse that I’d just slightly fractured my elbow and simply had to rest it. It then continued to only get more and more painful, with less and less movement. I went back to the hospital to try and see a physiotherapist but was told I’d have to be put on a waiting list for over a month. I managed to get to see a physiotherapist that day though as I decided to pretend I was in training for the Olympics!!! After the physiotherapist had given me a good checking over, he told me that I’d actually torn my ligament. He also told me that if I’d rested as previously instructed then I would have lost around half my movement and strength in that elbow permanently. That could have completely messed up my windsurfing. At least I’m still able to walk around with this injury. I’m definitely still gona go down to Cornwall and Devon for October, enjoy the events from the beach, do a load of exploring and hopefully make some cool videos. Maybe some documentaries of surf life in Cornwall and Devon or something like that. Lets see what happens!