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I'm a wave windsurfer and skateboarder based in the South West of England. I love to push my level in these sports with my friends, both in England and other countries around the world, while enjoying as many incredible experiences along the way as possible! I started this blog to feature my favorite photos and videos along with written stories, thoughts, rants and bits of knowledge I've gained from my adventures. Click on any photos to enlarge them.

Ibiraquera , Brazil, October 2010 (posted 16th December 2010)

Shortly before starting this blog I went on a trip to Ibiraquera in Brazil for a month with Stef Hilder and Sarah Bibby. This is the home spot of 3 times world wave champion Kauli Seadi. I thought I'd put some photos up because it was simply the best trip I've ever done.

We only got to windsurf half the days we were there but when that place was working, we got super super fun, logo to mast high peeling beach break waves amongst the most beautiful scenery with some of the friendliest, most welcoming people. The waves were powerful enough to give you loads of speed, but soft enough to let you try almost anything without trashing your kit. We stayed in a little pousada just across the road from the beach in the quiet little village. It was paradise! Click on any photos to enlarge them.

Checkout if you wanna find out more about Ibiraquera.

Tom by the island

Tom on a decent size wave

Tom bottom turn

Stef and sarah by the lookout tower

The Kauli Seadi centre's trailor, bringing
some guests to the best spot along the beach


Stef stalled forward

Stef GoPro action

Tom getting rinsed by a wave

Super Mario Sarah getting some surfing in
Tom little backloop