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I'm a wave windsurfer and skateboarder based in the South West of England. I love to push my level in these sports with my friends, both in England and other countries around the world, while enjoying as many incredible experiences along the way as possible! I started this blog to feature my favorite photos and videos along with written stories, thoughts, rants and bits of knowledge I've gained from my adventures. Click on any photos to enlarge them.

Maui... what it's really like to come here part 3... the awesome things to do here (posted 09th April 2013)

I'm back in Maui for 5 weeks and I've decided I want to use this blog to really give a description of what it's like to come here, rather than purely a diary about the waves! This is my forth time here and I'm 3 1/2 weeks into the trip.

So when it comes to things do on Maui besides windsurfing, surfing and stand up paddle boarding, there's loads of epic stuff. It's pretty much all about being outside in nature... rain forests,  bamboo forests, waterfalls to jump off, bigger waterfalls to definitely not jump off!, blow holes, fresh water caves to swim in, mountains to climb, mountains to drive up, hugely varying beaches, valleys to explore, lively hippy beach parties, beach parties of your own, night time skinny dipping!, nudest beaches, volcano craters, cliffs to hike, incredible hills to longboard down (Mount Haleakala descends from 10,000 feet straight down to the north shore beaches with good quality roads, need I say anymore!) and the list goes on. All of these things are obviously free which helps to keep the price of your trip down. There are some activities that you can pay for, such as a snorkeling / whale watching trip to the top of a volcano crater called Molokini that half sticks out of the ocean just off the coast of Maui (which I'd definitely recommend doing with The Pacific Whale Foundation), the aquarium, helicopter tours around the island, some small bars around the place and some lush restaurants (non more so than the Paia Fish Market Restaurant which serves the lushest fillets of fresh fish in big portions, perfect after a long day of surf action). If you're looking for full on night life / clubs though, Maui definitely isn't the place to come!! It's definitely worth making time to do this stuff along with your time in the surf.

Forest action around the north east side of the island

Lots of amazing skate parks (and downhill skating)

A lush, clear pool close to the north coast

On the top of Mount Haleakala during the night

The best place ever to go for food