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I'm a wave windsurfer and skateboarder based in the South West of England. I love to push my level in these sports with my friends, both in England and other countries around the world, while enjoying as many incredible experiences along the way as possible! I started this blog to feature my favorite photos and videos along with written stories, thoughts, rants and bits of knowledge I've gained from my adventures. Click on any photos to enlarge them.

New North Sails sponsorship (posted 07th January 2012)

2012 North Sails Hero 4.5m

So the last time I posted on here was for my skateboard and windsurf video release in the summer. Boards and Boardseeker put the video on their websites giving me nearly 4,000 views so far so I reckon that project was a success. Unfortunately since then we've been rather slack at getting more photos and video.

The latest news though is that I'm now riding for North Sails through my on going sponsorship with Pura Vida Boardriders. I'm riding the Hero model which is North Sails's new 4 batten wave sail. They're super compact and therefore super manoeuvrable. They're also more powerful than conventional sails meaning you can ride a size smaller than normal but they still seem to hold their shape and control amazingly well if the wind picks up. And checkout the graphics! Have a look on and give them a call to try one out. They have loads of kit from many brands available to demo. As for my boards I'm going to continue riding Quatro Levi Siver Quads.